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Easy Holiday Decorating Tips

Easy Holiday Decorating Tips

It’s here again…holiday season. Whether you begin your seasonal decorating Oct. 1 to pay homage to Halloween, or wait until the week before Christmas to dig out your ornament collection, here are some simple tips you can follow to keep it from being overwhelming or looking like your space got swallowed up.

1: Create a theme and stick with it.

It doesn’t matter if you like a more natural look to your decorations or want to go on ‘Full Glam’ in your rooms, we recommend you pick one or the other and keep your décor consistent within that theme. For example, if you want a shimmery, glamorous look to your home for Christmas, selecting decorations made with metallics, crystals, sequins, etc. and using a combination of them in the same and connected spaces will help to elevate the overall design. Mixing metals within that palette can create additional beauty and interest as well. Using a single color in addition to metallics can create a cohesive and interesting look as well. For example: gold, silver and white…or gold, silver and blue. Choosing either a “warm” color such as red to integrate with your metallics will have a very different finished look than if you selected a “cool” color such as blue. Using white, which is a neutral color will allow the metallics you use throughout to really stand out, yet have an anchored, soothing effect on the overall palette as well.

If you’d prefer a more natural look to your space, choose decorative items and ornaments that fit into that theme and again, use them exclusively. It will create a more harmonious overall look to your spaces, reduce confusion to those using the spaces and essentially make you look like a decorating star all while reducing the effort involved with mixing themed items up. For example: use either natural or colored burlap ribbon as garlands with either real or artificial greenery. Use ornaments that have a natural them to them such as birds, deer, forest creatures, berries, holly and pine greenery. Wood table chargers and recycled glassware can evoke an elegant, yet rustic feel for your holiday table. Fill glass hurricanes with water, whole cranberries and citrus fruits and add floating candles to add a lovely glow as well.

2: Create a “collection” of themed décor items.

Having a particular, favorite holiday themed item that makes you happy is a wonderful way to add holiday charm to a space. Some people collect “snowmen”, “penguins”, “nutcrackers”, Santa Claus” or “reindeer” themed items, just to name a few. Whether it is winter forest animals, angels or Menorahs, whatever your collection, displaying the items in groups or symmetrically in focal areas will elevate its look.

Consider grouping with a variety of heights of the same themed accessory, by similar or contrasting colors, or a particular characteristic of the item. It always looks better to group items in odd numbers, and creating a cohesive look by grouping different “sized” items will add to the interest of the grouping. If you prefer symmetry to your displays, make certain you are consistent with that symmetry or your collection will not look balanced.

3. Don’t overdo it!
Limiting the amount of decorations added to a space can not only save you time with your holiday decorating, but also make it more special. It allows for people in the space to enjoy the effort you put in to creating a festive atmosphere rather than becoming overwhelmed by it. It also allows for you to have room for the spaces to function during the holiday season. You know the old saying, “Less is More”…..

These are just a few, key suggestions for helping your holiday to feel special and festive, adding to the holiday spirit rather than having you be exhausted by it. A home, decorated tastefully can add a wonderful dimension to your holiday season.

If you have an especially large home and want it to really impress, you might consider hiring a professional to help you with your holiday decorating.

Happy Holidays!

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