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Capp Heritage Wines Tasting Room

Project Location: Napa California
Project Scope: Design consultation, color scheme development, furniture layouts, custom furnishings.

“This project began with a conversation overheard with the owners during construction when they said they were unsure what the color scheme should be. The person who heard their problem suggest that they contact us and they did. We were called in to consult and help keep the project moving.

As the project was very much already underway, and had a number of focal elements already implemented, we had some limitations to deal with.
We created color schemes appropriate for the two very distinct themes the client wanted to create within the one space. One side of the tasting room was built with an 1880’s theme, while the other was to become a “VIP/Entertainment” room with an Art Deco flavor. Both time periods were of great interest to the owners and despite being very different, they wanted to
incorporate both into the space, visually connected and physically divided only with an open door way.

The “Art Deco” room has an elaborate ceiling design housing a 10 foot diameter, stained glass bowl shaped light fixture. Creating a layered color pallet to enhance the ceiling and light fixture was an interesting challenge.
We used colors true to the period for both spaces, for the building as well as for the furnishings we designed and had built.”