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Musgrave Residence 2

Project Location: Napa, California
Project Scope: Renovation to existing home, addition/new construction.

So…. They purchased another property. For this we did an initial, interim color scheme so they could be comfortable and happy living in the existing home while planning their new estate.
I was brought in when the preliminary plans had been drawn up to review the proposed spaces as an introduction to the project. We then worked as a team with the clients to finalize the design for the proposed phases of the project. When the reality of the budget entered the picture, we had to rethink some of the proposed design for the initial phase of construction. I came up with an alternate solution for the project that sent the plans back to be reworked ultimately saved the client’s budget.
The client and I worked closely together throughout the design and construction process. We created a cohesive interior and exterior color scheme, researched and selected materials and finishes that evoked the feeling that they wanted to achieve. We created/discussed/selected all the interior detailing ,cabinetry, fireplaces, ceiling designs, lighting layouts, floor and tile pattern layouts, bath, light fixtures, etc.
Everything that needed to be done to create and complete a stunning new estate home for them happened during this process.
Now that they have settled in, we are working on the window coverings and furnishings. The project has been a labor of love and is continuing to be engaging and rewarding.