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Norbert Warnke, Former President & CEO, Lifestyle Retirement Communities Ltd.

Kim Bresden, Principal of WSDI worked on a retainer basis for Lifestyle Retirement Communities for a period of nine years. During the time her services were being retained, she provided interior design consultation for all of our properties across Canada. She was involved in both renovating existing facilities and providing interior design services for new buildings and additions.

All areas of interior design were handled by Kim as required by the nature of the project, from developing budgets, relaying staff programming information to provide appropriate space planning, researching, selecting and specifying all interior materials and finishes to coordinate the overall color scheme of the property, specifying or custom designing all of the furniture required, designing the ceilings, lighting, window coverings, custom designing the carpets and purchasing all of the decorative accessories and artwork to finish off the spaces.

She worked in conjunction with the architect, all related consultants and the general contractor for each project. She coordinated and oversaw that all of the details and materials were installed as per her design specifications.

We had a good relationship with Kim for all those years and would highly recommend her to provide interior design services for your project.