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Sam Timas, Napa CA

Our restaurant partnership hired Kim Bresden to provide Interior Design and project management services for a new restaurant, nightclub, bar, lounge and banquet facilities we were proposing. Kim was hired after we interviewed two other firms, as we felt her proposal, design and construction experience was a great fit for us and our project.

Our site consisted of a 15,000 square foot existing space that had been original construction and additions added to it over a number of years. The site had been closed down for some time prior to our purchasing it. Kim developed a design for all of the areas we wanted to incorporate into the project, worked with our team to develop a corporate identity as well and initiated discussions with our construction team. She coordinated the various consultants required for the specialty areas and worked with our marketing and operations people to ensure that the spaces would provide the necessary requirement to function correctly. She selected all the materials and finishes for all various areas, created all the specialty design details, bar designs and furniture layouts. She made the furniture selections, designed the retail space, planned the lighting layouts and selected the light fixtures and other products we would need. We had her develop a color scheme for the exterior of the building and she coordinated the signage and landscape designers as well.

The project design and development process culminated with a comprehensive budget for the overall project. After much consideration among the partners, we opted not to proceed with construction. Despite that fact that the project did not proceed, her work and expertise helped us make the correct decision for our group. We appreciated her professional assistance and would be pleased to recommend her for your job. In fact, I hired her to do the renovation we did to our home and are very pleased with the results of that association as well. I would absolutely hire her for any future projects!