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Why Us?


“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”
John C. Maxwell

Design Philosophy:

“I think it is important for people looking to hire an interior designer to understand what that relationship is going to mean for them. For some clients, the project is very personal, for others they just want the project to be completed. Also, there are many resources available to the public these days with the internet and a plethora of shows on T.V. that offer design information. This abundance of information can in some cases create a situation between the client and the professional they are working with that can either be really good, or really bad….

In some cases, it allows the designer a really good basis from which to work. If their client has done research into various aspects of a design that may interest them, it can serve as a great beginning for the project. In other cases, it can create an atmosphere where the client may believe that they have a better grasp of what needs to happen on their project than the professional they are working with. If their designer is a true professional, they should have the education and experience to be able to create a good “partnership” with their clients, regardless of the situation.

For me, it is a point that I like to clarify at the beginning of any project. As I mentioned previously, any project I am involved with should ultimately be about my client’s wishes, not my ego as a designer. If they have an idea that will add to the project, we’ll explore if incorporating it can be accomplished. If they have an idea that will detract from the project, we’ll discuss the reasons why it is not a good idea to proceed in that direction. I appreciate input from my clients while using my education, expertise and a touch of diplomacy to “guide” the process to a successful design for everyone.”


White Sands Design International was founded in 1994. Owned by Kim Bresden, DSA, ASID, Allied Member. She began her career in Interior Design in 1986 while in the midst of a marketing and sales career in the wholesale food industry. While in her second year of design school, she was approached to join a firm as a junior designer. Over the course of 8 years, she moved up the ranks within the company working on local, national and international projects.

With the birth of her son in 1994, it was an easy decision to leave the corporate world and become a solo practitioner and entrepreneur. After relocating to California, her design projects continue to include a mix of commercial, hospitality and residential jobs.

“I don’t have a signature ‘style’ that I insert into a project. My personal style is reserved and expressed in the spaces that I live and work in. I feel that my expertise should instead be used to create an interior that reflects the style, personality, wants and needs of the client.

The challenge is to be able to creatively and responsibly produce a design and final space that the client can love and function in the way they had intended.

Sometimes we begin to work with a client that is unclear or unsure what they want. Collaborating with my clients is a huge part of the process and this collaboration is essential to a project’s success. Asking the right questions and really listening to the answers starts me on the right path. When we can give them spaces they love, that perhaps they didn’t even really know they wanted, or were unable to articulate, the project is an even greater success in my mind.”


Kim Bresden, Principal White Sands Design International

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